Due to popular demand, TechTalk is now available online.  View presentations from industry experts on the latest NCC requirements for non-structural steel wall and ceiling systems. Simply register and gain access to multiple presentations addressing; 

- Wind Loading Standard 

- Post-Installed Anchors in Concrete Standard

- Compliance for Fire and Acoustics 

- Building Movement






Dane G Tech Talk

Dane Griffin

General Manager Engineering Design Services

  • When was NCC 2022 Implemented?

  • Which NCC is relevant for my project?

    Wind Changes: 

  • Impact on Internal Design Pressure

  • Is my Spec Compliant 

    Anchor Changes: 

  • Introduction of Seismic 

  • Pre-qualification


Daniel Lim

Senior Development Engineer 

    • NCC 2022 Grandfather Clause

    • AS1530.1

    • AS1530.4

    • NCC Compliance

    • Evidence of Suitability 

    • FRL 

    • How systems get tested?

    • What should you look for?


Aiden Brisbane 2

Aidan Brisbane 

Technical Manager


    • NCC requirements for Acoustics

    • Transmission v's Absorption 

    • CAC v's RW

    • Acoustic Flanking Paths 

    • Effects of Steel Framing Design on Wall Acoustic Performance


    • NCC Requirements for Fire

    • Combustibility Requirements 

    • Fire Hazard Properties * Group Numbers 

    • Testing for FRL

    • Evidence of Suitability 

    • Effects of Steel Framing Design on Wall Fire Performance  

PP Tech Talk

Peter Pirozek

Senior Acoustician

    • Introduction to Acoustics 

    • Sound Insulation vs Sound Absorption

    • NCC 2022 Acoustic Requirements

    • Non-NCC Acoustic Requirements 

    • Affect of Steel Stud Framing Design on Acoustic Performance

    • Acoustic Flanking Paths 

Viktor Z Tech Talk 3

Viktor Zlovic

Engineering Design Services Manager 

  • NCC 2022 Allowances for Structural and Non-Structural Elements

  • Complying with NCC Allowances 

  • Rondo Testing Program on Movement-Induced Noice 

  • Case Study - In-Field Apartment Rebuild to Mitigate Movement Induced Noise 

  • Rondo's Solution for Building Movement



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