Be part of an unprecedented industry event, TechTalk, hosted by Rondo and supported by CSR and Knauf. Join us for a unique opportunity to engage with three of the industry's top leaders. The first event will be in Melbourne, Victoria. 




What is TechTalk

TechTalk presents an unparalleled opportunity to gain valuable insights from industry experts on the latest NCC requirements for non-structural steel wall and ceiling systems. As compliance garners increasing attention, we have joined forces to create an exceptional platform where Builders, Architects, Consulting Engineers, and Building Certifiers can come together to learn, connect, and collaborate.

Considering the limited availability of seats, we strongly encourage all interested professionals to seize this opportunity by registering their interest without delay.

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Event Details

Location: Melbourne CBD (TBA once registration is successful) 

Date: Thursday 8, June 2023

Time: 6pm - 9pm 


Dane G Tech Talk

Dane Griffin

General Manager Engineering Design Services

Dane will be highlighting industry-relevant changes to AS/NZS 1170.2 (Wind Loading Standard) and AS 5216 (Post Installed Anchors in Concrete Standard),  effective from May 1st with the revised National Construction Code. 

Aiden Brisbane 2

Aidan Brisbane 

Technical Manager

    • NCC requirements for Acoustics

    • Transmission v's Absorption 

    • CAC v's RW

    • Acoustic Flanking Paths 

    • Effects of Steel Framing Design on Wall Acoustic Performance 


Daniel Lim

Senior Development Engineer 

    • NCC Compliance for Fire

    • Combustibility

    • Fire Hazard Properties 

    • AS1530.4:2014

    • Evidence of Suitability 

    • What is FRL 

    • How systems get tested 

    • What should you look for

Viktor Z Tech Talk 3

Viktor Zlovic

Engineering Design Services Manager 

Viktor will be presenting Rondo's laboratory-tested and in-field proven methods for minimising building movement-induced noise within non-structural light gauge steel building systems.